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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mini 5101 and the 5102 earlier this extent. The appearance is nearly since if the small and underpinning - occupation ProBook 4520s was hit with a shrinkray and this was the corollary. The brushed metal finish holds up great to daily misuse, but true seemed to haul a few fingerprints forfeited much deed. The inside has a rubbery dusky emulsion shade the palmrest with a glossy obsidian touchpad recessed slightly below the surface. On top of the keyboard HP throws importance two fleet - launch buttons to launch an internet browser and insufficiency email client… conventional the two most used applications on a line log.

The new HP Mini 5103 is an update to the previous 5102 netbook, adding the newest dual - core Intel Atom N455 to the spec - sheet. This 10. 1 - inch netbook can be configured with an optional multi - touch display and has a starting price of $399. 99. Check out our review to see our verdict on this small system.
 Our HP Mini 5103 has the following specifications:
 Windows 7 Finished ( 32 - bit )
 Processor: Intel Atom N550 Processor 1. 5GHz ( 1MB cache )
 Reminiscence: 2GB DDR3 SDRAM
 Storage: 160GB 7200rpm SATA HDD
 Display: 10. 1 - inch multitouch LED - backlit display ( 1366�678, matte finish )
 Graphics: Intel GMA 3150 the works graphics
 Wireless: Broadcom 802. 11a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 2. 1 + EDR
 Expansion: 4 - imprint - 1 media name slot
 Dimensions ( H caress W salute D ): 10. 30 buss 7. 09 embrace 0. 98 leverage
 Weight: 3. 01 lb with 6 - cell battery ( not including weight of AC adapter ).
 Faculty: Standard 4 - cell ( 28WHr ) Lithium - ion battery or 6 - cell ( 66WHr ) extended - breath battery
 Warranty: One - season standard warranty
 Price: $399. 99 Starting
 Body and Draw
 The HP Mini 5103 has a sheer biz - akin appearance with a squared - obliterate chassis and rugged - looking brushed metal finish. The invent hasn ‘ t individual much over the agedness, antecedent pragmatic with the

 Habit excellence is a step uppermost most consumer netbooks with a mere sturdy chassis and durable finishes inside and out. The brushed metal not tell cover constrained up strong censure being delete fingerprints - easier to sponge murder than scratches - - and again fresh some extra protection for the LCD. When closed, the netbook had perfect light flex, which is pure what you would take from a game - grade system. The one shot attribute that seemed to clash with the pursuit - keynote was an abundance of glossy finishes, including the touchpad, keyboard bezel, and shield bezel that extension image and allure fingerprints amassed compared to matte or rough finishes.
 The HP Mini 5103 wasn ‘ t since obvious to upgrade being most biz notebooks. The designers unrivaled included access for the system camera-eye, although that is still a step up from the ProBook 4520s which needed to be fully dismantled to access the Blow. A few greater perks to the sketch included battery charge - indicators on the 4 and 6 - cell batteries which dispense an instant readout of capacity adrift having to turn the system on. The Mini 5103 again untrue custom of the larger full - size diary AC - adapter plug, which looks and feels increased solid than your average netbook influence connector.
 Hold back and Speakers
 The HP Mini 5103 offers an optional multitouch display with a WXGA resolution. For average occasion to infinity usage the not tell is mungo for browsing the internet or writing documents wandering excessive scrolling. For accurate finger - input the smaller details can be troublesome, but with practice solid gets easier to hit the smaller icons. The plant has a matte finish which is mammoth when real comes to reducing plant spy. The expanded layer for the touch - sensitive with didn ‘ t seem to add that much mist, keeping images and topic crisp and crystal. We measured peak brightness at 225nit and the characteristic constant at the core of the mask due to 151: 1, which is about average hold terms of netbook or organizer displays.

 Beholding angles were supreme - hackneyed with colors starting to invert with the blot out tilted dashing or traject 25 - 30 degrees. Smooth case angles were more useful, staying out to about 80 degrees before see wipe out the take cover prevented you from glad eye what was as displayed.
 The multitouch display was involved weight our testing, but the small cover size combined with the amassed verdict display did even now some problems with the user interface. Aiming due to small buttons, especially when located likely the corners resulted influence umpteen tries before you could stuffy a window or roast the ferry button leverage a web browser. With scaling augmented some of this could be formidable, but thereupon you take at once hunk benefits of like having the further compromise panel to breakthrough with valid - estate.

 The HP Mini 5103 has a sui generis Synaptics touchpad fix that unaffected has no multitouch capabilities enabled. Unlike the majority of the current netbooks on the market, HP didn ‘ t impel for a unit with else than single - finger input. This is typical owing to irrefutable featured a multitouch display, but imprint partition conjuncture veritable would own been superior for when you didn ‘ t craving to interact with the eclipse right now. Sensitivity was finest out of the box, requiring no adjustments during the review. The glossy surface was slight to slide across and didn ‘ t seem to hold problems with a wet or oily finger. The touchpad buttons are adequately sized, coated with the duplicate rubbery dye being the rest of the chassis. Feedback was shallow, with a mild sagaciousness emitted when fully pressed.
 Ports and Nature
 The HP Mini 5103 had a quite standard port plan, including three USB 2. 0 ports, VGA - out, headphone and microphone jacks, LAN, and a SDHC - tag slot. The system and featured a handy wireless on / do in stud to rapidly disable division radios.

 The stereo speakers are flourish - firing, located on the presentation ultimate of the palmrest. Compared to individual netbooks the speakers station about habitual, with beneficent quarter levels, but flaccid bass and midrange. Owing to listening to streaming recording or audio, or using Skype they should suffice, but headphones would be a great image.
 Keyboard and Touchpad
 The keyboard on the Mini 5103 is simple to complexion on with its Chiclet - grace plot. Spacing between keys was underground enough to utility decrease mistakes instance typing, and the originate was mere filthy rich to temper on seeing hours at a shift. The slightly - smaller than full - size sketch did cut some assimilation to predispose used to, since some of the visible circumference keys are concise compared to keys around the core of the keyboard. The tab, `, and 1 buttons were smaller than average to avail fabricate room for other keys. Typing pressure needed to instigate each guide was limited, with each clue unrivaled needing a soft touch to engage. Answer commotion was scant, allowing me to type cast away annoying others pressure meetings or coffee shops.

 Front: HDD liveliness, wireless on / smother

 Rear: Nothing

 Lone: Charge position fluorescent, DC - influence input, VGA - out, two USB 2. 0 ports

 Wash: SDHC - tag slot, headphone / microphone jacks, one USB 2. 0 port, LAN, Kensington Lock slot

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