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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free Direct Satellite TV System Using Secret Satellite Software

Free Direct Satellite TV System Using Secret Satellite Software


Secret Satellite (link below) is a revolutionary software that offers over 784 satellite TV channels for free. No more monthly fees to watch limited number of boring channels. Using Secret Satellite, you can even watch TV programme from different countries of the world as well. Click the link below to get started.

Still not convinced yet? Well, let’s see what else the Satellite PC has for you. For FREE.
  • The new technology that allows you to watch over 784 channels of Satellite TV on your computer. For FREE.
  • How to watch news, sports, movie, comedy, religious, even HDTV… right from your own personal computer.
  • Even watch TV stations from hundreds of different countries in the world.
  • Absolutely no monthly fees or hidden charges to pay. Ever.
  • Instantly gain access to secret website that reveals all.
  • Watch your favourite shows.
And that’s not all. Check the link below to get more information on Satellite TV and start watching your favourite TV shows directly on your PC.

The Electronic Watchdog - Features of the New Model By Jack Krohn Platinum Quality Author

The electronic watch dog is perhaps the most effective and popular home security device on the market today. It has been around for a long time but a new version of the old barking dog alarm has some cool features you should know about.
You may already know the basics about this alarm that can be used for home security or business security. In case you don't here they are.
It uses "radar-wave sense control" that allows it to "see" thru wood, glass, brick, cement et. al. up to twenty feet away. It has a 100 degree filed of view. When someone enters that area the sound of an angry barking dog starts.
By the way, police tell us that the sound of a barking dog is the most effective deterrent for burglars.
"In a recent Colorado Springs Gazette article, David Husted crime prevention officer of the Falcon Division of the Colorado Springs Police department was quoted as saying 'The sound of a big dog barking is a really good deterrent, too.' Asked if he'd spend money on an alarm or dog 'I don't know, I may just go with the dog, if it's got a really good bark.' "
The unit is nine inches tall and uses AC power. Just plug it in aim in the direction you want to protect and using the new remote control arm or disarm the unit. It also has a new panic alarm feature. Volume and radar sensitivity are adjustable.
One of the new features allows you to connect one additional sensor-a motion sensor or a door/window sensor. This greatly expands your capability for home or business security.
Business owners love the electronic watch dog for their retail stores. Change the setting and it will announce customers with a chime or alarm.
The older model was very popular-the new features will make this almost a must have for home or business security. As a bonus as my California customers know this barking dog alarm is great for scaring bears out of their back yards.
Jack Krohn owns Security Solutions and is the author of over 400 articles on self defense and home security.
Check out these great home/business security products and learn more about them.
The great Electronic Watchdog barking dog alarm.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Panasonic Toughbook CF-45 NJ48

Panasonic's original hardened notebook, the CF-25 was a true outdoorsman's portable, complete with corner protectors and splash proofing. However, not everybody needs this level of durability. Panasonic has recognised this, while acknowledging the fact that many notebooks aren't robust enough to withstand real-world usage. The new Toughbook CF-45 NJ48 is a kind of handy halfway house.
Panasonic has produced a machine that offers above-average resistance to maltreatment, without being excessively heavy. The Toughbook weighs 2.9kg excluding its power supply, which is very reasonable for a semi-hardened design, especially as it's also an all-in-one build with an integral CD-ROM drive and floppy drive.
The Toughbook has a magnesium alloy lid to provide proper protection from crush damage to the screen during transportation. The body of the machine is made from thick, fibreglass-reinforced mouldings with impact-resistant rounded corners.
Unlike the CF-25, the Toughbook isn't splash-proofed, so there are apertures in the case for cooling fans, the ports are exposed and the drive and battery compartments don't have waterproof seals.
Getting at the hard disk and battery pack is easy enough, as both are accessible beneath protective panels in the base. The panels are locked shut by large, robust catches, and the battery compartment panel is metal with an unbreakable rubber hinge.
The hard disk compartment is partially lagged with impact-deadening foam, and the drive itself is mounted in a surround that's partly filled with shock-absorbent polymer gel. I also noticed that the ports on the back panel were mounted on what appeared to be a single section of metal concealed within the outer casing. This should prevent shearing-type breakages of the connectors themselves should, for example, an attached printer cable be accidentally pulled. It also has the benefit of making the Kensington lock attachment next to the USB port impossible to break out of the body of the machine.
Sound comes in the form of a Yamaha OPL3-SA FM chip with a monaural speaker under the front edge of the case. This is adequate for one-to-one presentations, although the sound is thin and weak.
The optical trackball fitted to the Toughbook is a good example of its type. Panasonic maintains that 'many users' prefer trackballs to mousepads. I'm not one of them. Although it works, I still find having to use one finger to point and another to click rather awkward.
The keyboard was average, with a moderately responsive action but some sag in its base plate, a short spacebar and small Enter and Backspace keys. In its favour, the keypad is higher than the palmrest, which reduces forearm strain while typing, and the editing and cursor keys haven't been combined to save space at the expense of ease of use.
Panasonic has opted for a 12.1in SVGA resolution TFT screen, which operates at the standard 18-bit undithered maximum of 262,144 simultaneous colours. This should be more than enough, and while SVGA's 800 « 600 resolution isn't as nice as 1,024 « 768 XGA, it's perfectly usable. The screen is driven by the ever-popular 2Mb NeoMagic MagicGraph 128XD accelerator, which means decent performance and stable drivers.

Power management is shared between a BIOS setup utility, the Power icon in Control Panel, and key combinations for manual suspend-to-RAM or full suspend-to-disk. This isn't as elegant as a custom Windows-based control utility, but it does the job well enough, and you should get close to the quoted 2.5 hours running time unless you work the CD-ROM and hard disk really hard.

The Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310

Key Specs

Processor: 1.3GHz Intel Pentium SU4100
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 320GB hard drive
Optical Drive: None
Screen: 13.3 inches (1,366x768 native resolution)
Graphics: Integrated Intel 4 Series Express
Weight: 3.8 pounds
Dimensions (HWD): 1.4x12.7x8.8 inches
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)

Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310 Review

Reviewed by: Denny Atkin
Review Date: October 2009
The Toshiba Satellite T135-S1310 will get your attention—and keep it—with a gorgeous red design, the shiny new Windows 7 operating system, and fly-across-the-country battery life. As Toshiba's entry into both the Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage (CULV) notebook and Windows 7 markets, this stylish, ultra-thin notebook fills the gap between netbooks and larger, higher-performance laptops in both price and performance. It offers much of the portability, light weight, low cost, and long battery life of a netbook, along with the ergonomic comfort and performance more typical of an full-size entry-level laptop.
The T135's stylish, thin design and rounded corners are reminiscent of an Apple MacBook Pro or Sony VAIO but with its own unique character. The plastic cover and the wrist rest of our review unit featured a Nova Red design with a slick, cross-hatched pattern (black and white are available as well), while the bezel around the monitor, keyboard, and underside are all black. The design looks good, but its glossy surface attracts and highlights fingerprints. It's about eight-tenths of an inch thick in the back, tapering down to just half an inch at the front. It's light, as well, weighing in at just 3.8 pounds.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two Popular Laptop Brands - HP and Dell By Aparajita Shankar

Laptops are one of the most useful technological inventions of the century. There are many brands that are engaged in manufacturing laptops ranging from basic and cheap laptops to technologically advanced high end models. Some of the manufacturers to reckon with are Dell, HP, Compaq, Sony and Lenovo. Although all these brands are very popular among the consumers and have many takers in the market, here we will discuss two of these - Dell and HP.
Today, HP has become one of the best brands producing high quality laptops. HP laptops are among the most preferred laptops across the world. HP manufactures all types of basic to advanced models of laptop computers including notebooks.
Hewlett-Packard Company, which is more popularly referred to as HP, was established in 1939 and is head quartered in Palo Alto, California, United States. HP laptops and notebooks are available in different variants. The latest series of these available in the market is the pavilion series. The company has created a niche for itself in the IT world with its extremely quality-oriented products.
In 2002, HP Compaq Inc. merged with HP and became one of the largest entities in IT industry. The company is also engaged in the manufacture of notebook computers. All HP notebooks come with Windows Vista Business edition and other business related software pack. The most amazing feature of HP computers is that they deliver the best mix of performance and features at very affordable prices.
Dell laptops are also very popular among users and have their own market share. Head-quartered in Texas, Dell was established in the year 1984. The company has succeeded in creating its own clientele in a very short span of time and today Dell is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers to laptops. The company was also ranked as 25th largest company by the Fortune magazine in the Fortune 500 list in year 2006.
Some of the popular models of Dell laptops are Inspiron series, Inspiron mini laptops series, studio and Alienware laptops. All these range of models are highly appreciated by the consumers.
Visit site to get some great deals on cheap LCD TVs and cheap laptops
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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beware Black Friday laptop deals

November 20, 2007 2:44 PM PST

Beware Black Friday laptop deals

by Dan Ackerman

But will it run Crysis?
Besides door-busting deals on big-screen TVs and digital cameras, one of the most-watched categories is laptops, where eager bargain hunters are looking for a sub-$500 deal. While we generally say that most super-inexpensive laptops are too underpowered to be worthwhile, Black Friday gives us a chance to sample some more expensive systems at deep discounts--at least in theory.
In practice, what we're seeing this year is extremely low-end laptops discounted even more than usual. But a $500 turkey is still a turkey at $300. We'd rather see some more $999 systems lowered to $699 or so.
Best Buy will have a Toshiba Satellite A135 (including a printer) for $229 (20 per store). We looked at a $999 configuration of the A135 earlier this year, and liked it, but the configuration available at Best Buy is very different, and about as bottom of the barrel as possible (which makes this a good place to point out that PCs can be configured radically differently, even with the same name, so shop carefully).
Even for less than a Nintendo Wii, the Intel Celeron CPU is a deal breaker, although the 512MB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, and Vista Basic OS all seem acceptable for a budget machine.
At least it's not a Celeron processor.
Circuit City has a potentially better deal, offering a Compaq Presario with a similarly dated Intel Pentium T2310, which is at least a dual-core CPU, plus 1GB of RAM. But we still wouldn't expect much in the way of performance.
Dell is offering a low-end laptop from its Vostro line of small business PCs for $399, about $100 less than its normal price. The Vostro 1000 is saddled with a 1.7GHz AMD X2 dual-core CPU, but at least has 1GB of RAM and a decent 120GB hard drive. Also, Vostro systems offer extra customer support services from Dell, always a plus.
Wal-Mart will be offering an Inspiron 1501 laptop for $598. While the AMD X2 dual-core CPU wouldn't be our first choice, the 2GB of RAM and Vista Premium make this a decent deal. We spec'd out the same components for around $750 on Dell's Web site.
Spending a little more might be worth it.
Our main problem with recommending any of these low-end Black Friday deals is that with dated, underpowered components, most buyers will be left unsatisfied with their system's performance. Even if used for just running basic Web and productivity apps, a modern Windows Vista system requires a certain amount of computing horsepower overhead to run efficiently, and a shopper's expectations may not be in line with the laptop they're buying.
Our current favorite bargain laptop is perfect for those who just want to surf the Web and work on office documents. It's not part of any Black Friday deals, but the Linux-powered Asus Eee PC doesn't try and act like a full-priced laptop, and for $399 makes for a perfect secondary or backup system. And, if you're looking to spend a bit more, Michelle Thatcher just put together an in-depth shootout of $1,000 laptops that may be better bargains than some of these so-called deals.
[Kudos to for compiling and scanning the various retailers' ads.]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Invention of the Mp3 Player

Invention of the Mp3 Player

Friday, November 6, 2009

How Long Will My New Laptop Battery Last?

By Patrick AllmondLaptop Battery run-time is difficult to determine. Actual laptop battery run-time depends upon the power demands made by the laptop's components. The monitor, the hard drive and other accessories result in extra drain upon the battery, effectively reducing its run-time. The total run- time of the battery is also dependent upon the design of the laptop and all hardware plugged into the USB ports. Generally, a new BatteryFuel battery will run at least as long (and usually longer) as your old battery did when it was new. Laptops and other small electronic devices share smaller and lighter batteries and are rated by their Volts and Ampers or Miliamperes (1 Ampere or Ah is equivalent to 1000 Milliampere or mAh). To learn the runtime of a battery or its Watt-Hours, the Volts and Amps are multiplied by one another. Generally, the higher the volts the longer the Watt-Hours, but this can still vary depending on the Amps. To figure your battery's runtime, consider the formula below.
11.1 Volts, 6600 mAh (6.6 Amperes)
11.1 x 6.6 = 73.26 Watt-Hours
The 11.1 volt 6600 mAh laptop battery can power approximately 73.26 watts for one hour. Now to estimate how long this battery will last in your laptop takes another configuration of dividing the 73.26 Watt-Hours by your laptop's watts. Your laptop's watts can normally be found in your manual. If your laptop uses 21.2 watts per hour, your laptop will power for 3.46 hours. (73.26 battery watts/21.2 laptop watts = 3.46 hours of estimated runtime). Keep in mind this is an estimated time and will vary depending on the components running on the laptop and any hardware plugged into the laptop.
You can find your laptop's watt hour usage in the user or specification's manual. Some laptop manuals will give more than one watt hour specification based on running the already installed OS by itself and or with one other program open as in the laptop's word processor. This watt information does not include the use of additionally installed programs, software and hardware. Once you open up other programs and start adding pheriphials, the run time will be reduced. Also, WiFi, Gaming and Video Streaming will eat up your battery power very fast and the laptop's watt hour use does not include these activities.
Laptop Battery Store
Laptop Battery FAQs
BatteryFuel is an eCommerce reseller, since 2002, of replacement batteries for laptops, cell-phones, camcorders, digital cameras and many more electronic devices. You can find many name brand replacement laptop batteries and adapters like Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, IBM,Sony,Toshiba at their online store.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

12 Things You Should Know About Windows 7

12 Things You Should Know About Windows 7

BY: J.R. Nelson, Editor
PUBLISHED: 10/28/2009

12 Things You Should Know About Windows 7 Article Contents
  1. 12 Things You Should Know About Windows 7
  1. 12 Things You Should Know About Windows 7: 7 - 12
Windows 7 launched last week and it's setting records left and right.  Amazon has said it was their biggest pre-order launch ever.  Reviewers around the globe are calling it the best version of windows yet, and even Walt Mossberg of the WSJ, unapologetic Apple fanboy, has decreed it as reaching parity with OS X.  What makes it so great, though? Read on for twelve things on our list.

The new taskbar
Love it or hate it, Microsoft made a lot of fundamental changes to the way the taskbar works in Windows 7. More than anything, it's really a combination of the old "quick launch" toolbar and the active taskbar from Windows Vista. Entries have gone from a big button with the title of the window to just a square with the icon. The new taskbar has a number of features over the old one: media players like iTunes, Zune and WMP have playback controls in the dynamic pop-up window preview and browser like IE (and the upcoming Firefox 3.7) offer individual tab shots. Want to change it back to the version seen in Windows XP and Vista? Right-click on the taskbar and select 'Properties'. In the 'Taskbar buttons' drop-down menu, choose either 'Never combine' or 'Combine when taskbar is full'. Additionally, if you like the new taskbar the way it is but think it's just a tad too thick, you can check the 'Use small icons' box to cut the height by 25% or so.

Improved window tiling
In previous versions of Windows, it was difficult to easily arrange windows in such a way that maximized efficient use of your desktop. In Windows 7, it's easy. Drag the top or bottom of the window to the top or bottom of the screen, and the application will jump to fill that vertical column (while still maintaining horizontal width). Drag the whole window to the top to maximize it or to the left and right to tile it across one half of the screen.
Great keyboard shortcuts
The taskbar and windowing we mentioned earlier? It's all accessible via keyboard shortcuts. Since the taskbar is something of a glorified Quick Launch, the same keyboard shortcuts work to launch any apps you've pinned: hit the Windows key + a number one through zero (ten) to launch any of the first ten apps you've pinned to the taskbar.  Similarly, use the Windows key + up, down, left or right to tile your windows as you see fit. Up will maximize them, down will restore them (or minimize them, if they aren't already maximized) whereas left and right will split them down one half of the screen. If you're using multiple monitors, just keep pressing the proper arrow key, and you can move your applications all around your workspace.

Native ISO functionality
Popularity of the optical disc may slowly be waning in favor of digital solutions such as downloads or removable storage media, but it still has its uses. In older versions of Windows, burning a .ISO file required users to download some alternately sketchy or expensive third-party software. In Windows 7, it's as simple as right-clicking on the file and selecting what drive it's using to burn the item to disc. Multitouch capabilities
Up until now, any computers -- either notebook or desktop -- that have implemented multitouch features have been using functionality shoehorned forcefully into the operating system by device manufacturers.  It's been like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Win7, however, includes support for these inputs natively, making the all-around experience much smoother. In fact, Microsoft has even gone out of their way to take some of the features implemented in their multitouch Surface tables and push them into the general OS.
Cheaper than ever
Most people don't really notice the cost of a Windows license since it's built into the pre-built computers that make up the vast majority of what most people buy. There are an awful lot of XP and Vista computers out there, however, and there's no real reason why they should miss out on all the fun. If you have an .edu e-mail address, Microsoft will let you buy Windows 7 Home Premium or Professional for just $29.99 (to get Professional, click on the link that says you need to join a domain). You can also buy a 'family pack' which consists of 3 Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade licenses for just $150. While these are upgrades and not full versions, you can still use them on a clean system by using the "double install" trick that was popularized with the rise of Windows Vista.

Review Update: Dell Inspiron 11z

Review Update: Dell Inspiron 11z
After our less-than-enthusiastic review of the Dell Inspiron 11z, we decided to take a second look at this budget-priced ultraportable notebook. The "new" Inspiron 11z promises to kick things into high gear thanks to a new low-voltage dual-core processor, Windows 7 and an extended life battery. Should this updated ultraportable be on your holiday wish list? Keep reading to find out.

consumer reports on mp3 players

consumer reports on mp3 players

Today you can buy a portable Mp3 in various styles that can play all different hours of music stored in a small compact package, and is much smaller compared with the Walkman portable. This portable players using digital technology to shrink down the size of music files so you can store more songs in a lot of space. If you have a portable Mp3 player you can actually carry around the entire music collection wherever you go. A modern portable Mp3 player that continues to evolve into plain audio player to be fantastic modern device.

This is still quite remarkable that you can take all your music wherever you go to something so small. Mp3 players the size of some matchbook that while a larger size may be about the size of a pack of cigarettes. With so many songs that are stored in something so small you may think you will have a difficult time finding music to be played. Most of the players clearly a very simple way to find songs that will be played as a bonus, and some famous brands, including FM radio and voice recorder.

The development of small hard disk drive portable Mp3 players is possible to save a lot of music, making it possible to store the entire music collection to digital audio player at a reasonable cost. The other is the type of flash memory storage, which are usually smaller and often do not have the storage capacity of the model with the hard drive. For more active types of people are often kind of a flash storage device is more suitable for smaller and sometimes more powerful.

hybrid car battery

Hybrid Car Battery – review special

hybrid car batteries
hybrid car batteries
is species new in the automotive car
Hybrid cars are what you can describe as a cross between a normal gasolines motorized car and an electric motorized car. Hybrid cars run on fuel when it is running, and it runs on electricity which is given from the hybrid car battery, when it is idle.
There are 2 main types of hybrid cars presented these days. One is the parallel hybrid car and the other is the series hybrid car. In parallel hybrid cars, together the electric motor (and the car battery), and the gasoline motor are attached to the transmission. In the series hybrid car, the gasoline engine is not linked to the transmission.
work special for daily
The hybrid car battery is the energy tool for the electric engine but the hybrid car battery is also such as any other car battery, and it is rechargeable and has an adequate amount juice to move a large massive car on the road for a number of feet or a number of miles.
Usually a hybrid car battery is ( planned, or also under warranty), to last 10 years or 160,000km of driving, it is not expected that the car user will has to change the car battery previous to the time he throw out the car.
In hybrid cars, the electric engine is able to pull out power from the hybrid car battery and also put power onto them. This signifies that at the time the electric motor is running, it can repeatedly renew the batteries built-in the hybrid car.
While the hybrid car battery is being used in idle state, it will without human interventions disconnect the gasoline engine and activate the electric engine to run your car. At present, a hybrid car battery is able to revive whilst the brakes are in use. With all of these benefits, a hybrid car is the car of the future.

how do i download songs to an mp3 player

how do i download songs to an mp3 player

An MP3 player is different from the other methods of personal stereo where you would normally have to insert a cassette or CD in order to listen to your favorite songs, but the music found on an MP3 player is in digital format. Because they are much smaller than other methods of personal stereos they fit much more easily into a person's pocket.

Plus they are able to hold more tunes than either a cassette, mini disk or CD can. But in order to download music to your MP3 player you will need a computer. In this article we will provide some other information on how to download music to my MP3 player so that you can soon be listening to all your favorite tunes without having to swap over cassettes, CD's or mini disks.

Well the most important thing that you will need in order that you can download music to your MP3 player is a PC that is connected to the Internet. However before you start to download any music to your MP3 player you will need to figure out the following.

What file format is it you need in order to download your music? The format you use will depend on the type of MP3 player that you have. For example if you have an Apple iPod then you will need to find files online which are in the AAC format before you start downloading whilst most other MP3 players come either in MP3 or WMA format. So it is important that you check in the user handbook which came with your MP3 player to see what format it is that you need to use.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Notebook Review - Dell Vostro 1220 By J Guelas Platinum Quality Author

Notebook Review - Dell Vostro 1220
Dell has recently introduced the Dell Vostro 1220 and already it is getting raves. The Dell Vostro 1220 boasts features that are superior to what Dell has brought before. Many argue that this laptop is significantly better than what Dell's rivals have come up with lately and we agree. It's true that the decision on what laptop to purchase shouldn't depend entirely on manufacturer's claims so we'd like to cite the reasons why the Dell Vostro 1220 is a good buy.
First, this laptop has a nine-hour battery life, which is probably more than enough for any typical user's need. This laptop has at least a three-hour advantage over others in its league. At 1.52 kilograms, this laptop shouldn't be a bother bringing around. The screen is a good size at 12 inches and a resolution of 1280x800 pixels widescreen is sufficient. Its size, weight, and battery life are already enough to make the Dell Vostro 1220 a very appealing laptop. But if you're still not convinced either way, here are the particulars.
CPU - Intel Celeron 900 (2.2GHz, 1M L2 Cache, 800Mhz FSB), Intel Core 2 Duo T6670 (2.1GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 800MHz FSB)
Screen Size - 12.1-inch widescreen
Operating System - Microsoft Windows Vista Basic and Ultimate 64-Bit Editions
Battery Life - 9 hours (manufacturer's estimate)
Graphics - Intel X4500MHD
Its speed is one of its best features. Starting up the system is done before you know it. No one wants to be kept waiting and this is actually a big deal for some people who can't stand wasting even a few moments of their time. Viewing images and videos is a pleasant experience due to this laptop's display capabilities. Even with default settings, the colors are notably brilliant.
Customization is not a problem and can be done easily by adjusting for brightness, contrast, and color balance. As long as there's no editing involved and only viewing is done, the laptop's ability to portray graphics and text well is indisputable. Maneuvering without an external mouse can be done comfortably with the use of the touchpad. It's quite precise and sensitive to every move.
We discovered a major weakness in the Dell Vostro 1220. Serious music lovers would disapprove of its audio output since its built-in speakers can only work with mono output.
The Dell Vostro 1220 can definitely meet the demands of the average buyer. It scores high on portability and its fast processing speed makes it all the more attractive. While we cannot ignore the poor audio quality, there is a way around it by simply connecting an external speaker. We stand by our opinion that this laptop's features make it a good buy.
Are you into this type of well-written review about the Dell Vostro 1220? You'll find more laptops and notebook reviews from Laptops Reviewed - your top resource for all things related to netbooks and laptops.
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to Digital Photography Review

Monday, 2 November 2009
Click for: Carl Zeiss launches Distagon T* 2/35 lens for CanonCarl Zeiss has launched the Distagon T* 2/35 ZE wide-angle lens in Canon EF mount, for both analog and digital EOS SLRs. This manual focus lens, with its large f2 aperture, is made up of 9 elements in 7 groups. Previously available in ZF (Nikon), ZK (Pentax) and ZS (M42 screw mount), the ZE mount version will start shipping from November 16 for a retail price of US $870. (10:30 GMT)
Friday, 30 October 2009
Click for: Canon camera profits rise despite falling salesThe strong Yen has resulted in fifth consecutive quarter of falling sales income for Canon's camera division, compared to the same period in previous years. Despite this, the company's operating profit and profit margin increased, prompting the company to improve its forecast for the next quarter. Total sales for the division fell 8.3% to ¥229 bn ($2,545m) once currency effects have been taken into account, though they actually grew 6.2% in the currencies they were sold in. (09:30 GMT)
Thursday, 29 October 2009
Click for: Kodak Consumer Digital Imaging sees sales fallKodak has reported that its business division that includes digital cameras suffered a 49% fall in sales (compared to the same period last year) in the third quarter of 2009. "Continued declines in consumer spending have had significant impacts in the company's digital camera and digital picture frame businesses," it said. The sales drop has primarily been due to a decline of approximately $157 million in intellectual property royalty revenues, the company said. (17:50 GMT

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