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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guide To Buy A Laptop

Guide To Buy A Laptop
the future many people using laptop daily or weekly for support activity and job
This is a guide by me of how to buy a laptop. First of all.. I need to tell you guys i'm NOT a laptop fan because I'm hate not comfortable working with laptop but at least with a great a little knowledge of mine in computer i can guide you how to choose a laptop.

This is the most important thing when you want to buy not only laptop.. but everything you want to buy. You must first consider your budget before go to shop and make choice because the salesman will make sure you buy the CHEAPEST highest price laptop. You must make a range of your budget for example RM2000-RM2600  or maybe with dollar and rupiah rupee, yen or etc this multy ple choise is shep and efective and effisien. Don't be cheated by the free gift from buying the laptop because the free gift is usually the cheapest item on the market and you can purchase it yourself later.

Purposes are also important point in buying a laptop. For example if you want to buy a laptop for presentation (eg. for lecturer) and travel a lot, you may need a small laptop like SONY VAIO P Series. If you're a student and do a lot of work and playing games with your laptop.. maybe you need a casual laptop that sell a lot nowadays.

3. Brands
Here 3 example of brands that in your budget.

There are a lot of brands nowadays with same price range with a different performance. For example
1. CompaQ are known because it is the cheapest brand with good hardware.
2. Toshiba are known as the highest price and long lasting laptop
3. Dell are known as the BEST after service provider.

4. Hardware and Performance
From the three example above.. you can compare the spec of all the three item. You can ask someone who knows about computer hardware and suggest it to you OR you can search the internet for people's review about the item. A lot of people like to write review about laptop or computer hardware so you can easily find a nice review.


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